Terms And Conditions

In the following booking terms and conditions, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to ‘Go Outback Oz’ which is the trading name of our company Auction Sales Online Ltd (Australian Business Number (ABN) 15 095 443 780). Our trading address is C/- Halton Station, Charleville, 4470, Australia.

“You” and “your” refer to the customer whose name appears on the booking and for whom the booking is being arranged; “booking” includes all the arrangements we put in place for you.

“T&C’s” means Terms and Conditions which is this document.

As you will discover if you join one of our Experiences, being honest and giving everyone a ‘fair go’ is considered normal behaviour by Outback people and you will find we are no different.
For you, our customer, this means that we are committed to dealing honestly and openly with you every step of the way, from the moment you book with us, to the time you leave us to continue on your travel adventures.

To start with we want to ensure that you read and fully understand the T&C’s of your booking because our interactions will be based on them.

As part of the booking process, you must acknowledge that you agree to our Terms and Conditions and the trip is sold to you subject to these.
You can only book with us via our website. Bookings cannot be accepted for people other than yourself, and you must be 18 or over to make a booking. Your booking must be made in the exact way your name appears in your passport.

You can book with travelling companion(s), but they must complete their own booking details and sign that they accept the terms and conditions.

Paying for the event
Paying a deposit or the full amount confirms you space in the Experience. You can choose to pay either the full amount -OR- a 25% deposit followed by three (3) equal payments. You will receive an Invoice from us on the date each later payment is scheduled and it must be paid within five (5) days of the Invoice date. You can also choose to make an extra payment at any time by going to Scheduled Orders via your Account page. It is your responsibility to ensure the final payment is made not later than thirty (30) days before the event start date.

If you fail to make one of the follow up payments on time, we will consider your booking cancelled and you will lose the deposit. If this happens less than thirty (30) days before the event start date, all payments already made will be forfeited. If you wish to re-book a place back on an Experience, you will need to contact us and you will be required to pay a new booking deposit.

Your Travel plans before and after the event
Planning and booking tickets to get to us for the event and for travel after the event are 100% your responsibility. We can be flexible to help you out but you must let us know at least 2 days in advance if your previously advised arrival or departure date will change. Failure to do may mean that we’re unable to accommodate you (see also Late arrivals and no-shows). Also, if for whatever reason your plans require that you arrive early or leave after the event, we may apply additional transfer, food and accommodation costs to your fee.

Date changes, Cancellations and refunds
We understand plans change and we can be flexible but we also need to protect our business.
Bookings may be cancelled up to 30 days before booked start date free of charge.  Cancellations made less than 30 days before original start date or after the booking has already started will result in no refund of any payments already made.

Late arrivals and no-shows.
Getting to the pick-up point as advised in the joining instructions is your responsibility. If you join the event late, refund for parts of the event missed will not be provided. Likewise if you don’t join the event at all. If for any reason you don’t join the event, no refund will be provided. See Cancellations and Refunds.

Transferring a booking to someone else
It’s not possible to transfer a booking to someone else. See Date changes, Cancellations and Refunds, Late arrivals and no-shows

Photos taken during the event on farm and at social events off farm
We respect your privacy and also that you would like memories of your experiences. Throughout the sessions on the Farm and also at social events off the farm, we may take photographs of you either as an individual or as a member of a group performing a task/skill. All photos we take remain our property and we may use those photographs in our promo material. We will email you the photos after the event and you must advise us via email within 10 days of the event end date if you don’t want us to use a photo containing your image. We will never identify you by name in any photo we use.

Emergency situations
Unfortunate and unexpected things can happen in life. We’re ready to help where we can but you need to be prepared. Regardless of any situation that arises, we will help wherever we can with suggestions (not advice) and logistics etc but we will not be able to give you money, a loan, finance etc. You must be able to support yourself financially and get to wherever you need to go.

Incorrect profile info provided
You’re responsible for providing accurate info in your profile. If information you provided is not correct, you’re responsible for all resulting outcomes.

Special requirements
We are a working cattle station and don’t specifically offer vegetarian or vegan food food that is Halal, Kosher, Gluten-free, nut free etc. We also are not able to provide support for people with handicaps or disabilities and we don’t make special concessions or arrangements for religious beliefs. If you have any of the needs above (or any other not mentioned) and are interested in joining one of our events, you must advise us before making payment. See Date changes, Cancellations and Refunds, Late arrivals and no-shows.

Transfers and transport
All transfers to join and leave the event will be from the station to Charleville unless previously agreed via email. We will provide all transport during the event for event activities. Private vehicles must be used for all private travel and is at your own risk.

State of health
You will experience the general conditions of living on a working cattle property in Australia’s central-west and you certainly should be aware of the typical weather conditions of the time of year that you will be there. The activities you will learn are not overly strenuous but do require you to be able to perform light manual labour. See Date changes, Cancellations and Refunds.

Suitability for the event
There are no specific requirements to join us however you must be mobile, generally healthy and be able to speak English at a good conversational level. We review all profiles submitted with event payment for suitability with the event and conditions. Should we find a new customer who we think would not be suitable for the event, we will advise and refund them within 7 days of payment. If the initial profile information provided at payment was not complete or accurate and based on latest information we decide the candidate would not be suitable for the event, we will notify them and refund their payment within 7 days of being aware of the latest information and we will not be responsible for any of their costs.

Travelling partners have not registered and paid for an Experience
We can only accommodate on HALTON people who have registered and paid for an Experience. If you arrive with someone who is not doing a event, you/they will need to make personal accommodation and travel arrangements. See Cancellations and Refunds.

Risk Acceptance
Your comfort and safety is a priority for us however we are a working cattle property in the Outback where climatic conditions can be harsh and operational risks present. By purchasing a event, you accept the related risks.

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