Frequently Asked Questions

Cattle and Sheep ‘farms’ are actually called ‘Stations’ in Australia, never ‘ranches’ and there are multiple sites that advertise them such as ourselves (check out our jobs page) and

Vacancies on cattle or sheep ranch jobs in Australia are very competitive. Get the key skills farmers want to give yourself the best chance of success by completing a ‘FarmSkills’ course.  You can find details of that on our ‘Experiences‘ page.

Be wary of anyone offering you a job that’s too good to be true or offering you a guarantee of a job.  You might find yourself in a job your location that you don’t enjoy or that the guarantee is actually worthless to you.

Jobs that you see on our jobs page are with cattle and sheep graziers we know and are clearly and factually described so you know what’s involved.

We don’t make promises or guarantees we can’t deliver so the short answer is ‘No’ however, your profile will be sent to every Grazier on our Database for the entire time your profile is active so it’s highly unlikely you won’t find a job.

You must be fit and able to work in a hot, outdoor environment.  You must have medical insurance, good general health, hat, clothes, boots. You must able to understand and speak reasonable English .  You don’t need to have previous farm experience. If you’re intending to work, you must have a Visa that allows this.

We will give you a ‘Farm Skilled’ work shirt and cap however you will also need to have your own, preferably jeans and long sleeved shirts. You can get good work clothes at low cost from Charity shops in most towns so you won’t have to damage your own. As for boots, any open footwear isn’t safe so you should bring closed in boots, preferably steel capped toes.

You would forfeit your reservation and no refund would be provided for the part you missed.

No.  All we ask is that you keep the quarters in a reasonable state and clean your dishes after meals.

No, not definitely, maybe. Our horses are strong, experienced and confident stock horses and will very quickly detect any lack of confidence a rider may have.   As for mustering, despite what you might think (or have been led to believe), mustering doesn’t happen that often and nowadays mustering is mostly done by experienced people on motorbikes with working dogs.  We also muster using our gyrocopter. The elite Horse Skills course coming soon will provide 6 days of intense Australian outback riding instruction (for very experienced riders only). If that’s what you’re after, perhaps consider that course.

There are daily plane and bus links to Charleville mainly from Brisbane in the east and further west towards Longreach, Mt Isa, the Northern Territory etc.  Search online for QANTAS and Bus Queensland.

Note:  There is also a train link but it  arrives on a Wednesday and departs of a Friday so it’s not convenient for our course start and end days.

The nearest town is Charleville and is about 40 klm / 45 minutes drive away.  We will provide transport for any events we arrange in town but you will need your own transport if you want to make your own trips.  Check Terms & Conditions for more info about transport.

Yes, course dates may be changed up to 60 days before booked start date free of charge but after that charges apply.  Check our Terms & Conditions for more details about changing dates.

  • Any of your personal costs such as travel to and from the course
  • Mobile phone calls and data plan
  • Onward travel after the course
  • Anything you arrange yourself

We will provide food and accommodation on the station in ‘the quarters’  for the duration of the course.  Please note we are a working cattle station and don’t specifically offer vegetarian or vegan food, food that is Halal, Kosher, Gluten-free, nut free etc.   We may offer beer and wine however failure to drink responsibly may result in your being ejected from the course.  Check Terms & Conditions for more info.

Wifi is provided free of charge at the quarters.  Away from the quarters you will need your own Wifi / mobile phone plan.

Note: Only phones with a Telstra ‘Blue Tick’ certification work out west.

If you purchase a course, you will be required to complete a detailed profile prior to completing the purchase. After that, you will be registered and you can maintain your profile. After completing training, for 2 years and as long as your profile is active!, your profile will be sent to grazier on a weekly basis.

Please send an email to and we will disable your account

Sorry but we can only accommodate on HALTON people who are actually doing one of our courses.

It depends on the type of visa you’re on and your nationality.  Australia has reciprocal Healthcare agreements with various countries so it’s best to check the Australian Government website ‘Human Services’ website ( before you do anything.

If you do need to arrange insurance, it’s not hard to do yourself as there are plenty of providers online. If you prefer to not have the hassle, you can purchase our “Essential docs add-on” service and leave it to us.

We can arrange your tax file number, bank account and medicare card provide you with 24/7 support for 2 years…and it’s all included in the course cost!

You must bring approved riding boots. Running / gym shoes or thick-soled boots are not allowed. All other equipment will be provided by us and must be used. See also Terms and Conditions.

Assuming you will be looking for work after the course, you need to be eligible to work in Australia, have your Australian Tax File Number, Medical Insurance and organising how to handle the Superannuation (pension…it’s called ‘Super’ in Australia) payments your employing grazier is required to pay for you.
We can arrange most of those for you as an extra service,(check out the “Essential docs add-on” on the “Course info” page. If you prefer to arrange them yourself and save the cost, check out our “Useful Links”page. The process of getting the required docs usually isn’t difficult but as with any large organisations, their processes can sometimes take a while to run!
You’ll need to organise and pay for your own travel to Charleville and to wherever you want to go when you decide to leave. We can help with ideas etc if you want, just ask.

No we don’t. The best place for information regarding the processes for getting a Visa or about sponsorship is the Australian Government website. Please direct any questions regarding Visa process or sponsorship to them.
There’s a link to their website on our Useful Links page.

Check course dates and reserve your slot now!

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